Podcasting- open for all!

By Debby Winters

Recently the podcasting patent for “disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence” was ruled invalid. That’s good news for all you podcasters out there!

Personal Audio received a broad patent on podcasting and went after other podcasters with infringement suits. They sued, with a vengeance, anyone else who made a podcast that experienced even minor success. They sued NPR, NBC, HowStuffWorks, and dozen others until Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) challenged them in court, asserting that the patent was too broad to be upheld.  The EFF won the initial ruling in April of 2015 due to the existence of two particular instances of prior art—Quirks & Quarks, a science show by CBC, and CNN’s Internet Newsroom. The ruling was appealed and the patent was recently struck down on Aug 7, 2017.  Unless Personal Audio wants to take it to the Supreme Court, that’s it.

Podcasters, you can go crazy without fear of reprisal!

here is that opinion