Quirky- such a great idea, why did they fail?

By Debby Winters

In my Feb. 9, 2015 post I talked about a company that I had been introduced to over the holidays, Quirky. It was such a great idea to provide a platform where new inventions could be sold. Today I found out that on Sept 22, 2015 Quirky filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. With this Chapter 11, the company will reorganize. It hopes to find “a new home for the Quirky community.”

For a detailed analysis of what one person thinks was the reason Quirky failed, see these explanations from Ben Einstein, a founder and partner at Bolt. Bolt is a seed stage venture capital firm that invests at the intersection of hardware and software.

Let’s hope Quirky, or something similar, can re-emerge to give inventors a platform for selling their goods.