Are you a Start-Up? Have you considered applying to an Accelerator?

By Debby Winters

I have served as a mentor for the ARK Challenge Accelerator. The ARK Challenge has locations in both Fayetteville, AR and in Little Rock, AR.  I have also served as a mentor for MentorCamp. These type facilities provide valuable information to start-up companies in a short amount of time. Additionally they provide valuable information to the mentors. I recently mentored at MentorCamp in Northwest Arkansas and learned so much from the companies and my fellow mentors.  Many states have accelerators, so check out what your state has.

Additionally to try to convince you, I’d like to share with you an experience from the accelerator Boomtown that I recently came upon. If after reading this you are not inspired to sign your small start-up for such greatness, comment and let me know why!