Politics And IP- In The Form Of Domain Names

By Debby Winters

Any idea what happens when you click on jebbush.com ? You think you will see the page for Republican Presidential wanna be Jeb! Bush…right? Well, you would be wrong.  Jeb’s folks, in all the clamor for the White House, apparently forgot to renew the domain name registration and so it expired last November. Enters Donald Trump, aka, the Donald. His folks  registered the domain and redirected the domain to donaldjtrump.com. Go ahead and try it. You’ll see.  Well, now what does Jeb! do?  Among other things, Jeb can file a domain name dispute to try to get the domain back, but by that time he may have already lost big.  The real battle here is for the Republican nomination, which Trump may have already tied into a neat package, but for Jeb! and his folks to learn that even the seemingly small things along the way can potentially trip you up…or at the very least these things show that you don’t pay much attention to detail.  All in all maybe it means Jeb! isn’t the best person to be the President of the United States after all.

This is not intended as an endorsement of any Republican candidate for President of the United States.


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