Trademark and Wine/Beer end of the year update

By Debby Winters

I reported on a blog post in December 2014 by the folks at “Trademark & Copyright Law” in which they discussed the year in terms of two important things: Trademarks and Adult Beverages. Their 2015 Buyer’s Guide is now out.

Notable among the cases mentioned is the one about NUT SACK DOUBLE BROWN ALE. If you recall, I blogged about this case in my November 15, 2015 blog entitled “What does it mean to be immoral or scandalous? Is that name immoral? or scandalous? Did you weigh in with your opinion?

A quick glance down this extensive list of beverages shows there are cases about name confusion like the case of KNOTTY BRUNETTE & NUTTY BREWNETTE Beer, as well as cases of what’s termed  trademark counterfeiting, such as KAHLUA & KAHFUA. There are also cases where the names are not similar but the logos are, such as GREAT WHITE & MAD BEACH Beer. These few examples don’t even begin to touch the surface of what you’ll find on this list.

Take a look at the list and see if you recognize anything. Let me know if you find these names confusing or infringing! At least, after looking at the list, you will have some talking points for your next holiday party, as I bet most of your friends are not as savvy when it comes to Trademarks and Adult Beverages as you’ll be after going through this list!

Here’s to Trademarks and Adult Beverages!

Happy Holidays!

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