Love all and tell the truth…living the good life

By Debby Winters

“Love all, and tell the truth” … David Lewis

This is a quotation from David Lewis of Fayetteville AR that I read in a recent interview with Jeannette Balleza Collins. The interview was done by the Arkansas Business Journal on Aug 31, 2015. The title of the article is “Jeannette Balleza Collins on the Agility of Arkansas Startups.”  For background on Jeannette go to the article, but as a quick recap:

“Jeannette Balleza Collins is the co-founder of the DeadFred genealogy photo archive…graduated from Hendrix College in Conway with a bachelor’s degree in English…served as director of The ARK Challenge in northwest Arkansas from 2011 until July 2015…worked with Jeff Amerine’s Startup Junkie…a freelance strategic consultant with Scribe Marketing, which she founded in 2004, as well as the manager of the Tonic NWA Fund, an angel investment fund she co-founded.”

The quotation, as Jeannette explains, came from the CEO Forum that she attended, and in which David Lewis, a respected business man in Arkansas, spoke. The interview with Jeannette is well worth reading, especially if you are interested in the startup scene, in entrepreneurship, in Arkansas, or in all three. However, the quotation is what I want to talk about in today’s blog. I usually blog about business, startups, intellectual property, contracts, or some other non emotional topic. Reading this quotation made me stop and think about how we should all take a little time out each day and think about how important love is, and how important telling the truth ALWAYS is.

David’s 6-year-old grandson lost his life at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  David’s daughter, Scarlett Lewis started the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation to honor her son.

I am always touched by the families of victims of violent crimes and their ability to not only move on, but to forgive. The Lewis family is a prime example of this. It would be so easy, after an experience like that, to harbor hatred, not only for the person who committed the crime, but for everyone. To be able to love after that is amazing to me. For most of us who haven’t experienced such a tragic event as a killing, even the death or a friend or a loved one is sometimes hard to bounce back.  Just imagine, if you can, if your loved one or friend was taken so suddenly, in such a tragic manner.  I recently had a best friend from my growing up years to die. That make me think about how precious life is and how we should always show our love for others. To read this today brought it all back.

I think we can take these words into our personal life as well as our business life. If only everyone would tell the truth and open their hearts to love all.  As Collins said “What a simple, straightforward compass for living the good life!”

Go live that good life!

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