Need Help Boosting Your Social Media Posts? Check Out Datarank

If you are posting to social media to boost your business, it is important to know what days of the week get the most views and attention to your posts. This is dependent on the social media platform that you use. Datarank is a company that can help you decide what day to post and what platform to choose. In their recent blog post, Discover the Best Times to Post on Social Media, by using its analytic tools the folks at Datarank have found that posting to Facebook on Thursday and Friday get the most attention, while posting to LinkedIn in the middle of the week, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday will get that attention you are looking for. Twitter gets most views Monday – Thursday. But the research goes beyond just the day of the week and the platform, it also shows that the kind of post you make, and the demographics of your audience can be important factors. For a more in-depth look at what Datarank can help you learn about your social media postings, check them out!

Datarank can turn social insight into decisions that grow sales!

By Debby Winters