Are you an Emotionally Intelligent Person?

By Debby Winters

I frequently read articles about traits that the masses find appealing in a leader, or that give you the leg-up in business, or something framed like that. They usually list common sense thing, as does the article “13 Habits of Exceptionally Likable People,” but for some reason the 13 habits listed below and elaborated on more by Travis Bradberry, the author, really seemed to make sense and seemed like everyone should think about, even for a few minutes.

  1. They Ask Questions
  2. They Put Away Their Phones
  3. They Are Genuine
  4. They Don’t Pass Judgment
  5. They Don’t Seek Attention
  6. They Are Consistent
  7. They Use Positive Body Language
  8. They Leave a Strong First Impression
  9. They Greet People by Name
  10. They Smile
  11. They Know When To Open Up
  12. They Know Who To Touch (and They Touch Them)
  13. They Balance Passion and Fun

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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